JL Machine & Tool, Inc. is an engineering and development facility instrumental in providing
unsurpassed design assistance, tooling, dies and process equipment to the most progressive
companies in the the rubber molding industry today. Our diversified experience in rubber molding
encompasses numerous industries; pharmaceutical, healthcare, appliance, aerospace and
automotive to name a few.


JL Machine & Tool, Inc. was founded in 1984 in a small 2,200 square foot facility. From that shop,
our business quickly grew. In 1988 we moved out into a new 8,500 square foot facility at the Airport
Business Campus. In 1989 we received a patent for our Index Trimmer, which was developed for
automatically trimming molded pads of elastomeric parts. We currently are approaching 100
installed machines in over 5 countries.

Combined Expertise

Our development activities involved such an extensive molding activity, that in 1989 we decided to
spin off the prototyping and molding business into Precision Polymer Products, Inc. The development
of that business has allowed JL to offer a much more extensive Turnkey Capability. Together, it is now
possible to design and fabricate tooling, fully debug and guarantee performance long before our
customers take delivery. We also can make short run production and train customer operators at our
facility before the tool arrives and faces the demands of production. In 1997 both JL and PPP moved
into our current 53,000 square foot facility, where we are once again under the same roof.

International Understanding

We also have quite an international customer base. Our flashless systems are known in many countries
in Europe; United Kingdom, France, Spain and Italy. For these European customers, we always meet
performance criteria here in the USA before shipping. On similar injection machines, first article
inspection and capability studies are always provided.

Let us help you:

- Assist in rubber component design
- Select and develop a suitable mold design and process
- Fabricate of prototype and production tooling
- Provide sampling and production run offs
- Design and fabrication of auxiliary processing equipment
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