Pictured is a 109-cavity flashless injection transfer mold with cold runner manifold. Molds can be designed
for 350mm, 420mm or 510mm cold runner manifolds. Molds have full vacuum capability to 10 tort of vacuum.
Heaters are designed into top plates for uniform mold temperature. Plate material is pre-hardened 4140,
cavities are fully hardened M64. Cavities are radial ground for flashless operation. Cavities can be plated
with various materials for release.

Pictured is a MIR 190HMG and JL flashless mold. The system, with material capable of 40 second cure,
can achieve clamp to clamp cycle times of 90 seconds. This grommet mold is capable of producing 34,880
pieces per 8 hour shift. This process has been 8 years in the making; the development has required such
refinement from both the mold maker and the machine builder, that we only offer this system with the MIR
line of injection presses.

The whole system is a marriage of press and mold. The robot sprue and part removal system is
an integral part of the press control system. Tooling purchased for this system is fully debugged
before leaving JL's shop. Customers are welcomed, and in fact required, to attend mold run-offs
before shipment.
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