Pictured is a 9" injection compression mold with tear beads for trimming. Molds are designed with
vacuum seals for degassing during filling. Molds of this design can be offered in 9", 12" and 16"
sizes. (230mm, 305mm and 405mm). This mold is an o-ring with 114 cavities. Cavities can be
Stainless Steel or Tool Steel, fully hardened. Some molds can be cut in the solid plate to help keep
costs down. Products best suited for this process include O-rings, Washers or any item that is thin
in cross section and does not require a lot of mold removal force.

Pictured is a cell concept with press and single station trimmer. This mold is a 114 cavity o-ring.
This cell is capable of 10,944 pieces per 8 hour shift. The operator is responsible for molding and
trimming in the cell. The pieces are completely finished when they leave the cell, except for any
postcure if necessary.

Pictured is a JL single station die trimmer. These presses are designed for dies which trim the full
molded pad at one time. These presses are offered in 9", 12" and 16" sizes (230mm, 305mm and
405mm sizes). These presses are designed for the JL compound dies which separate the ID
hole from the OD trim. The parts remain on a removable plate for inspection by the operator.
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