Pictured is a 9" injection transfer mold. Molds are designed with integral injection cylinders.
Transfer pistons have seals which prevent rubber leakage. All molds are designed with vacuum
seal arrangements. Mold plates can be PX-5 or NAK-55 with or without ion nitriding. Cavities can
be Stainless Steel or a variety of Tool Steels, fully hardened, depending on the application. These
molds are particularly good for small product with through holes, which can be created during molding.

Pictured is a cell concept with press and single station trimmer. This mold is a 240 cavity seal washer
with a through hole. This cell is capable of 38,400 pieces per 8 hour shift. The operator is responsible
for molding and trimming in the cell. The pieces are completely finished when they leave the cell, except
for any postcure if necessary.

Pictured is a JL single station die trimmer. These presses are designed for dies which trim the full
molded pad at one time. These presses are offered in 9", 12" and 16" sizes (230mm, 305mm and
405mm sizes). These presses are used when the molded product is too thin to reliably locate
in the Index type Trimmers.
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